Who Qualifies

Vape Insurance Pros (VIP) was designed for professionals in the e-cigarette and vape industry who are looking to protect their business and their products with quality and comprehensive insurance coverage. Some of the products and businesses that could benefit from having a VIP policy include:

What would you do if a customer had an allergic reaction to your e-juice and you didn’t have the right insurance? You could be held liable for their medical and other expenses. Don’t let that happen to you. VIP covers e-liquids and e-juices, including flavorings and herbal e-juice. Other insurance companies may say they offer you the right coverages, but if you look closely, you might find that there are gaps in your insurance coverage. At VIP, our policies are second to none, and we ensure that you have the best coverage available.

Manufacturers, and especially importers of vape devices, need the safeguards that come from having insurance in case, for example, their e-cigarette battery explodes and injures a customer. VIP is the only insurance company that designed and created policies exclusively for the vape industry, and we constantly monitor the industry to ensure that our policies have the coverages you need.

When a customer wants to purchase PVs, e-cigarette cartridges, batteries, or many other types of vape products, they come to you and your shop. But what happens if customers injure themselves while in your vape shop, or if one of the products you sell causes bodily injury or property damage, and you don’t have the right coverages with your insurance? VIP has policies that give you protection for incidents like this, and we constantly monitor state and national regulations to make sure our policies offer the coverages you need.

In order for many vape product manufacturers to get their devices and liquids to their customers, they need an agent who can deliver the goods to vapor shops and other retailers. This is where you come in as a distributor. But did you know that you can be held liable if a customer gets injured from the product or a product you distribute causes property damage – regardless if you manufactured it or not? VIP wants to help protect your distribution business. We offer policies with coverages that are second to none, and allow you to have peace of mind as you go about your work.

If you import any of your products from overseas to US vapor shops, you are essentially acting as the manufacturer, taking on all the liability associated with that product. You need to make sure you have proper insurance coverage in case someone gets injured, or something gets damaged from that product.” VIP offers policies that can give you the proper insurance coverage you need.

The market for new vape products is hot, and there is a lot of money to be made for you and other manufacturers who create the next big thing. Everything from organic e-liquid to larger batteries are selling great, but what happens if you are sued because a customer claims your product damaged their property or made them sick? VIP can give you the protection your business needs to overcome lawsuits and other expenses that otherwise could cripple your business.

If you are a vape retailer who takes advantage of private labels and puts your name on a manufactured e-liquid or PV, you need safeguards in place in case a customer is injured. Other insurance companies say they have the coverages you need, but unfortunately there are many people in the vape industry who believe they are fully covered but are actually being left out to dry by the insurance company. This doesn’t have to happen to you. VIP offers policies that can provide financial safeguards that protect your business.

Apply for coverage today so that you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.